Thin Ice On Air

As social media trends continue in the direction of video content, this is something that small businesses should implement. Bee Social works with Thin Ice to create a monthly video series, Thin Ice On Air.

Successful Ads for Less Money

Facebook ads are a great way to promote your cause, event, or product. Some think you need to put down a lot of money in order to have an effective ad. This is simply not true. If the content of your ad is superior, you will get superior results. What is a successful campaign? Getting

Facebook Metrics Before & After on PUSH Green

PUSH Green hired me to help improve their social media presence. I worked with them over three months to build their brand and content. I was hired in June and worked through August. In the results below you can clearly see how in just three months I greatly improved their Facebook account. I did this

Sirius Black, Adventure Cat

Sirius Black is a cat (ok, he’s my cat) that likes to go on adventures. His Instagram account has over 14,400 followers that readily engage with him. Due to his status as an influencer, he frequently gets requests for sponsorships from major brands like Purina Pro Plan, Fresh Step, Bravo, Inaba Ciao, and Walmart (but