À la Carte Services


Social media analytics are important to help you understand how your brand is performing. I can translate the data into numbers that you can understand. $300

Content Calendar

Every social media plan has a content calendar! A content calendar tells you when, where, and what to post on your social media channels! We will talk, assess strategy, and create a one-month social media content calendar for you! $200

Seasonal Swarm

Many small businesses are seasonal and need to promote an event or product during, or leading up to a season. Are you a store that needs to gear up for Christmas? Are you a garden center that wants to excite customers for spring planting? Let me do that for you! $300

Live Event Social Media

People love action, and to be informed.  If you have an event, it is a great opportunity to engage your fans that are unable to make it!  I can be at your event and handle all the “live” social media. $200

Event Promotion

Need help promoting an event on social media? Leave the heavy lifting to us! We will create a posting strategy, create the Facebook event, and more! $300


Trends are showing social media moving more towards video content. Do you need a quality video for your social media presence? We have all of the tools to make you shine! $400-$800

GIF Creation

A GIF is a moving image with flashing words, or video without sound. GIFs are a great way to attract attention quickly. Let us create a customized GIF for you to reach the a wide audience! $200


The quality of photos is crucial in social media. High quality photos are more attractive, and engaging. I have extensive photography experience in travel, landscapes, portraits, weddings, events, sports, pets, and more. A flash drive of photos will be provided. $200


Need a social media pep-talk? Have questions about social media but don’t want to sign up for a plan? Did you sign up for a plan but still want some ongoing coaching? Social media refreshment course? Any other questions? Bueller? This is for you. $60/hr


Need to post but don’t know what to post? Don’t want to commit to a package or want to add on to yours? This option is for you! $20/per post