• Bee Social is not about managing your social media

    Bee Social is here to help give you the tools to excel at social media and make it less time-consuming and more effective.
  • Bee Social works WITH small businesses and non-profits

    as part of their team - not as an entity in a distant office.
  • 14 years of industry experience

    helps us better understand what small businesses and nonprofit's needs are.

Creating Social Media to Buzzz About

Build Your Audience

Engaging the modern platform 

Gone are the 1-800 numbers of yesteryear. Heck, when you do call those numbers, you rarely even get a human anymore! For some businesses, even a website is a thing of the past. Enter social media. This is where customers come to learn about your business and communicate with you. I will help you answer any and all questions you have about social media. Whether you are just thinking of implementing a plan or need an assessment of your current social media, I can help you. Bee Social will take any guesswork out of social media and give you an action plan for your business!


Bee Social will help you…

  • Identify goals for your social media account
  • Determine the best platforms for your business
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Establish your target audience
  • Select what to share across your social media channels
  • Build followers and generate engagement
  • Measure your social media effectiveness
  • Create engaging content that gets noticed

Affordable Options

In order to best help you with social media, Bee Social offers you with different plan as well as a la carte options. This way you can figure out what you can afford (both time and money) and pick the best selections for you. My goal is to help you with your business.

Please consider what you need – whether it be an assessment of your current social media, an implementation plan, or social media monitoring.


We offer assessment plans to evaluate your current social media channels, providing a comprehensive improvement strategy.


We will deeply study your business to implement a complete design strategy.


We do all of the work for you, monitoring and posting content to your social media channels.


I have spent decades working in small businesses and non-profits. I have worked in every position and capacity – from cashier to manager (small business), and from program assistant to trustee (non-profit). I am not a social media firm in some distant city with no concept of how a small business or non-profit functions – I am a resident of your community and am dedicated to seeing my community succeed.

project image

As social media trends continue in the direction of video content, this is something that small businesses should implement. Bee Social works with Thin Ice to create a monthly video series, Thin Ice On Air.

project image

Facebook ads are a great way to promote your cause, event, or product. Some think you need to put down a lot of money in order to have an effective ad. This is simply not true. If the content of your ad is superior, you will get superior results. What is a successful campaign? Getting less than 10¢ per result. I have consistently been successful at this.

Below are results from an ad I did for PUSH Blue on a video I created. Small businesses and non-profits don’t have the money to spend hundreds of dollars on ads. On this ad I put $30.00 on it and ran it for 5 days. The ad performed beautifully as seen below.

project image

PUSH Green hired me to help improve their social media presence. I worked with them over three months to build their brand and content. I was hired in June and worked through August. In the results below you can clearly see how in just three months I greatly improved their Facebook account. I did this by creating quality content (pictures and videos) and streamlining their account.

project image

Sirius Black is a cat (ok, he’s my cat) that likes to go on adventures. His Instagram account has over 14,400 followers that readily engage with him. Due to his status as an influencer, he frequently gets requests for sponsorships from major brands like Purina Pro Plan, Fresh Step, Bravo, Inaba Ciao, and Walmart (but being a small-business lover that loves to invest in my community, I turned Walmart down).  Sirius Black’s account is the most popular account in Western New York with the most engagement of any other Instagram in the area. Sometimes, I even use Sirius Black to help promote small businesses!



Bee Social is honored to have worked with the following businesses and organizations:

Bee Social Team


Johanna Owner, Operator

Social Media Guru. Stellar Storyteller. Photographer. Videographer.

Johanna brings a very unique perspective and combination of skills to social media. Not only does she have a strong analytical background, she have an even stronger creative background. You cannot have stellar social media without being creative. Johanna has both extensive experience in creative writing and photography. Much of her work has been published beyond social media channels. She also have extensive industry experience in non-profits and small businesses, including working with national and global organizations and foundations. Johanna understands where you are coming from and therefore can offer you the best social media support.

Johanna often tells clients that social media is like Hogwarts – it is always changing! Social media is a constantly changing market and Johanna welcomes that challenge! She is up to date with every curve ball social media throws at her. She reads social media news, blogs, listens to podcasts, and persistently stays up to date on all channels.

Social media is more than just posting great content – it is a mind game. In her spare time, Johanna likes to read about brains. What do brains have to do with social media? One of the questions she always asks when creating content is “what do I have to do to access the part of the brain that will make someone care about this issue/product?” If you activate the brain, you activate the heart, and spur people to respond!

You won’t find more comprehensive social media support anywhere else.

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